Team Result -

17.18 BLACK KNIGHT Badminton Ontario Jr HP A Championships Team Result

Our team members has competed in 17.18 BLACK KNIGHT Badminton Ontario Jr HP A Championships held April 20 2018 to April 22 2018, at Markham Pan Am Centre. Our team has won 6 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 5 bronze medals in total.  Here is our team members' result.




U19 Boys Singles   Gold Kevin Wang
U19 Boys Singles   Silver Aaron Hsu
U19 Boys Doubles   Gold Aaron Hsu and Kevin Wang
U19 Boys Doubles   Silver Darren Choi and Colin Jai
U19 Boys Doubles   Bronze Michael Farrell (and Partner)
U19 Mixed Doubles   Gold Stanley Feng (and Partner)
U17 Boys Singles   Bronze Darren Choi
U17 Girls Singles   Bronze Rachel Chan
U17 Girls Doubles   Gold Rachel Chan (and Partner)
U17 Girls Doubles Semi-Finalists Ashley Wong and Linda Zhao
U17 Mixed Doubles   Gold Darren Choi (and Partner)
U17 Mixed Doubles   Silver Colin Jia (and Partner)
U17 Mixed Doubles   Bronze Rachel Chan (and Partner)
U15 Boys Doubles Semi-Finalists Michael Law (and Partner)
U15 Girls Doubles   Bronze Michelle Yang (and Partner)
U13 Boys Doubles Semi-Finalists Ares Zhou (and Partner)
U13 Mixed Doubles Semi-Finalists Ares Zhou and Emma Meng
U11 Boys Doubles Semi-Finalists Shaurya Gullaiya and Paul Chapman
Congratulations to all medalists!