Jennifer Lee - Founder and Head Coach of Lee's Badminton

 Jennifer Lee, the former Hong Kong Badminton Team member, major in Women's Singles events, started playing badminton when she was 9.  At the time, she was playing badminton once a week under the guidance of a relative.  At age 13, she started her formal training by Wong Man Hing (Asia Games Men's Doubles Bronze medalist).  After 6 months of intensive training and personal coaching, Jennifer got her first medal - Hong Kong U14 Girls Singles Silver medal.  She was invited to join the Hong Kong Badminton Youth Team.  Jennifer decided to stay with Coach Wong for another 2 years before she formally joined the Team.  After 3 years of team training, at age 17, she joined the Hong Kong Badminton Team.  She excelled in her career by winning all the Championship of Women's Singles events for U16, U18, and U20.  She also represented Hong Kong in many international competitions.

At the height of her badminton career, Jennifer immigrated to Vancouver, Canada in 1985 with her family.  She continued her passion in badminton and represented the British Columbia Provincial Team for 2 years before moving to Toronto.  After a major injury in 1993, Jennifer decided to transform from a professional badminton player to a professional coach.  With a vision of making badminton a mainstream sports, she established Lee's Badminton Training Centre in 1995.  The mission of the Training Centre is more than training young people badminton skills and techniques.  A lot of emphasis is put in developing the attitude and character of the athletes, the balance of the mind and body to achieve higher level results.  To establish her career as a coach, in 1999, Jennifer achieved the Level 3 National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).  Jennifer was selected as the Coach of the Year by Badminton Ontario.  Jennifer has coached and developed many Provincial and National champions.  The most recent successes are Michelle Li and Alex Bruce.  Michelle and Alex represented Canada in the 2012 London Olympics, fought their way through to the semi finals on Women's Doubles, and established the unprecedented history of the best badminton results ever in Canada.

This is one great leap to the vision of Lee's Badminton Training Centre -- Badminton is recognized as a world class sports in North America.  Badminton is no longer a sport where we play at our backyards.


李氏羽毛球会创办人及总教练 -- 前香港代表队成员,李媱媱(Jennifer)主项女子陨打,九岁开始跟亲戚一星期打球一天,于十三歳正式受教私人教练黄文兴(亚运男乎双打铜牌)。经半年的专业训练及适心教导。在同年获得第一个奖行全香港十四岁以下女子单打银牌正羽毛球总会选入香港青年军;但当时未有立刻入队,还与私人教练继续训练,两年后再被羽毛球总会青年军教练陈智才邀请再入队,经过三年青年军队制的训练之后,在十七歳再被选入香港代表队,其后更赢取多项十六岁十八岁及二十岁以下组别好单打赛之优异成绩,并能多次代表香港参加国际赛事。


李氏羽毛球会至今已训练出多名全国冠军及省冠泽,更在2012伦敦奥运,学生李文珊(Michelle Li)及Alex Bruce在女子双打项目打,最后四强,创做奇读加国历史以来最好成绩的一界,带领加国主流社会认识及得以应同羽毛球这项运动不再是一个在后园玩乐之运动。