I have a very strong vision of where I see badminton.  I have very strong values and my coaching philosophy is embedded tightly with my vision and values.  When I established Lee's Badminton Training Centre in 1995, all my vision, values and philosophy of coaching is the foundation of the Training Centre.  My personal coaching philosophy is:


"Talent can only take you so far.  It is hard work and the will to succeed that will realize your dream"

Jennifer Lee



The vision of Lee's Badminton is to establish badminton as a world class sport in North America and to bring our athletes to the international level and ultimately to compete in the Olympics.



  • To build the foundation of badminton skills and techniques to junior players
  • To develop the right attitude and character as an athlete
  • To train nationally recognized badminton players and develop international recognized badminton athlete



  • Continuous improvement is the corner stone of success
  • Trust between the coach and the athlete, the parents and between coaches, is extremely import to reach the end goal
  • The will to succeed is the only way to overcome the challenges and difficulties we face in the path of badminton
  • Well-rounded character development will ultimately develop better athletes and better people



  • You need to believe in yourself
  • To become a great badminton player, you need discipline, hard work, sacrifice, continuous self evaluation and improvement and focus
  • A good athlete is not just about skills, it is also about character - be humble, respect yourself, your coaches and support your team mates