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  • ★This electric suitcase is made of ABS + PC aluminum alloy frame, strong and durable, and can be used many times
  • ★Smart luggage, you don’t have to worry about dragging heavy luggage, this luggage makes your travel easier and more convenient
  • ★The inside of this electric suitcase has independent zipper bags, maintenance bags, energy storage bags, the maximum climbing angle is 4°, the lock type is TSA code lock, smart and safe
  • ★The maximum load capacity of this suitcase is 90kg, which can save your time and travel in a narrow space
  • ★Application: This smart suitcase is suitable for travel, business trips, business trips, with a large capacity and can store many things


● Material: shell ABS + PC aluminum alloy frame
● Color: Black
● Product Type: Lite
● Product size: 385X250X575mm
● Capacity: 26L
● Weight: 8kg
● Packing weight: 10kg
● Maximum load: 90kg
● Internal structure: independent zipper bag + repair bag + energy storage bag
● Maximum climbing angle: 4°
● Lock type: TSA password lock
● Applicable temperature: -10 ° C ~ 40 ° C
● Rear wheel: 4 inches * 2
● Front wheel: 4 inch motor wheel *2
● Smartphone support: IOS / Andriod
● Top speed: 8km / h
● Tie rod: three-speed aluminum rod
● Applicable: can be taken directly to the plane

● Battery specifications:
● Battery capacity: 73.26Wh
● Charging time: 2h
● Battery type: lithium battery
● Battery voltage: 37V
● Movable: yes
● Charging voltage: AC100-240V 50-60Hz

● Motor specifications:
● Motor size: 4 inches
● Number of motors: 1
● Motor weight: 1.4kg
● Motor power: 100W

This package includes:
1X suitcase scooter Aviation edition

Instructions for use:
1. Hold the steering lever button and pull the steering lever up.
2. Turn on the power supply and sit on the riding box. Put your feet on the footrests on both sides and look straight ahead, ready to go.
3. Turn the acceleration switch forward, turn the brake switch to brake, turn the brake switch and turn it off and then turn the acceleration switch to reverse.
4. When the ride ends, please turn off the power. Hold the steering lever button and put the steering lever down

It is not recommended to suddenly brake and turn during driving to prevent side collision