Duora Z-Strike

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Flex:  Extra Stiff

Frame: HM Graphite / NANOMETRIC DR / Hyper-MG

Shaft: HM Graphite / NANOMETRIC / EX-HMG

Length: 10mm longer

Weight / Grip: 3U (Avg. 88g) G4

String advice: 3U (20-28lbs)

Color: Black/White


 Dual Impact


With two contrasting racquet profiles built into one frame, the DUORA is designed to bring an all-around blend of power, speed, and control to a player's game. Combining technology that enhances both forehand and backhand swings, the DUAL OPTIMUM SYSTEM remains sleek in design. Constructed with NANOMETRIC DR*, a lightweight graphite material weighing 60% less than conventional graphite, the DUORA offers players unparalleled swing speed, firmer shuttle hold, and enhanced repulsion for explosive shots. 


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Dual Optimum System: 

Two contrasting racquet profiles in one unique Dual Dynamic Design allow players to enhance both their forehand and backhand. Command the court with powerful forehands and speedy backhands. 

Nanometric DR: 

NANOMETRIC DR is an enhanced graphite based on unique NANOSCIENCE technology for a firm shuttle hold creating maximum repulsion. * NANOMETRIC is a material which applies the NANOALLOY™ technology of Toray Industries, Inc.


8 linked grommets made with differing thicknesses on either side of the frame. The stiffer AERO side grommets pull the string harder for increased power.