Victor Thruster F C (Blue)

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Color: Dina blue

Tension: Maximum 31lb

Weight / Grip Size


String tension LBS


Frame Material

High Resilient Modulus Graphite +PYROFIL +HARD CORED TECHNOLOGY

Shaft Material

High Resilient Modulus Graphite + PYROFIL + 6.4 SHAFT


PYROFIL carbon fiber and its composites, are advanced high-performance materials from Japan. The characteristic of high intensity bonds ultra-light offers racket excellent shock-absorption and enhances control.
Inspired by military helicopter, multi-layered structure made by carbon fiber and composites, minimize material size, reinforce handling feel and performance at a critical standard. 
The shaft is key to power transmission, and that's why VICTOR has been committed to debeloping better shafts. Through the combination of highly resilient materials and innovative design, VICTOR has created the best shaft ever with incredible anti-torsion performance and resilience. 
Different frame structures-including POWER-BOX, DIAMOND, AERO, and AERDYNAMIC-are rearranged and integrated based on computer simulation to optimize the hitting, frame characteristics, and overall performance. 


BG65 $12 Aerosonic  $15
BG65 Titanium $14 Aerobite Boost $20
BG66 Force $15 SKYARC $17
BG66 Brilliant $18 EXBOLT $16
BG66 Ultimax $15 VBS-68Power $17
BG80 $15 VBS-68  $17
BG80 Power $15 VBS-66NANO $18
BG85 $16 VBS-63 $17
NGY99 $17 G-Tone 5 $14
NGY98 $17 G-tone 9 $14
NGY95 $17 Stringing Service $15
Aerobite $17