Victor Jump Rope SP600

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Victor Jump Rope SP600 for cardio / fat loss / workout

Length: 3m


Product features: 

1. Durable aluminum grip handles. 

2. Moisture-wicking foam that is durable, anti-slip, comfortable, and breathable.

3. Double-bearing technique achieves smoothness and fast spinning. 

4. Easy length adjustment with an adjustable and movable buckle. 

5. Tangle-free and wear-resistant PU steel wire rope. 

1. 铝合金手柄, 经久耐用。 

2. 吸汗耐用泡棉, 防滑舒适透气。 

3. 双轴承工艺,顺滑灵活不卡顿。

4. 可调节移动卡扣,自定义绳子长短。

5. PU耐磨钢丝绳, 重心稳不易打结。

Description and Caution: 

1. Please choose a rope length that is right for you. Lengths that are too long or too short might cause a waste of physical energy or cause sports injuries. 

2. Please wear proper clothes, shoes, and socks when exercising. Avoid training on hard or uneven grounds. Complicated environments might cause injuries to your joint areas such as knees and ankles. 

3. Breathe naturally when exercising. Stop the exercise once you feel discomfort or ache in your body. 

4. At the end of the exercise, gradually slow down rather than rest all at once. Stretching afterward is recommended. 

5. It is not recommended for people with cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, or serious obesity to jump rope. 

1. 请正确挑选适合自己的跳绳长度, 太长或太短的长度有可能浪费体能或造成运动损伤。

2. 请在云当时穿戴合适的义务与鞋袜,尽量避免在偏硬或不停的场地上进行训练,复杂的环境有可能对您的膝盖,脚踝等关节部位造成损伤。

3. 请在运动时保持自然呼吸,如在运动过程中感觉不适或身体疼痛,请中断训练。

4. 在结束训练前请先逐渐降低速率,请勿立即停下,结束后可做拉伸。

5. 有心血管疾病、高血压或过度肥胖者不适合做跳绳运动。