Victor Jump Rope SP652

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Victor Jump Rope SP652 for cardio / fat loss / workout

Length: 2.7m

 The jump rope is an easy and convenient cardio exercise that everyone can enjoy. It helps strengthen the thighs. Improve jumping ability, and develop agility and coordination of the body. 

跳绳是一项简单方便容易参与的有氧运动, 不仅可以锻炼人的腿部力量,提高弹跳力,而且可锻炼身体的灵敏能力和全身的协调性。

Product features: 

1. Slim grip handles that are comfortable to handle and easy to carry around. 

2. Wear-resistant, durable, and tangle-free PVC steel wire rope. 

3. Easy length adjustment system with a movable buckle. 

1. 细长手柄握感舒适,方便携带。

2. PVC耐磨钢丝绳,耐磨损、韧性强,不易缠绕。

3. 移动卡扣,绳长可自由调节。