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  • Size 25-28cm
  • Prevents Toe Compression
  • Enhances Sprint Power
  • Exclusively Designed For Each Foot Right And Left
  • 3D socks!
The special features of the 3D Ergo Socks are: 
  • Release of pressure on the big toe for freedom of movement and the special shape increases the gripping power around other toes for stability.
  • Adequate pressure is applied around the sole and firm support for the arch which gives an overall tight. secure fit to the wearer

Right-Angled Socks:

  • These socks totally do away with the looseness experienced in shoes while wearing other socks. 
  • The knitting at the side of the big toe is extended and is higher than on the side of the other four smaller toes creating a 3D effects.
  • The shape of the new socks is right-angled. By creating a 90 degree angle at the heel, the socks no longer have a loose feel at the ankle and below the heel. 
  • The material used has antibacterial properties and deodorized freshness. These keep the socks clean by preventing bacterial and odor build-up. Both inbuilt properties are resistant to washing and retain the effect for long time. 

How To Use:

  • As these socks are specifically designed for the right and left foot, please put on after checking.