Yonex SHB35EX

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Power Cushion 35 Black/blue


Muscle Fatigue

10% less* - Minimum muscle fatigue and improved exercise benefit.

Weight Comparison

1/10* - Yonex lightest ever material

Shock Absorption

1.3X* - Reduced impact from teh court and shock load on feet and ankles


3x more* - Converts impact energy into additional power for faster footwork.

* Compared with Flexible Urethane

輕量的減振材料提升良好的舒適度,如果將生雞蛋從7公尺的高度落在POWER CUSHION上,不僅雞蛋不會破且反彈4公尺的高度,證明POWER CUSHION有絕佳的減振性能